How to Apply

1-find your nail sizes

in each set’s pull-out drawer, find the bag with extra nails.

2-prep your natural nails

start by fully removing any previous polish. then, wash your hands with soap and water.

once dry, push back your cuticles and gently buff your nail. wipe each nail with the prep pad provided.

3-pick application method

each set comes with nail glue and adhesive tabs.

how to remove

1-soak nails in warm water for at least 10 minutes

add a few drops of cuticle oil to the water to help with removal.

2-use the cuticle stick to gently lift the press-on

wait until the press-ons begin to lift and apply cuticle oil under the nail.

3-if you used nail glue, soak your nails again for 10 more minutes

apply acetone under the press-on to help loosen the glue.


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Try laying your press-ons out on a table and fitting each one to your nail bed before gluing or sticking them onto your natural nails. The press-on should align with your cuticle and fit snuggly against both sides of your nail bed.

Each Pink Friday full set comes with 28 different-sized nails, so you’re sure to find a perfect fit for each finger. However, if the nails happen to be too big for your nail beds, our press-ons are durable enough to be pinched at the tip for a narrower fit.

Some light filing is absolutely fine, but avoid cutting your press-ons to keep their design and durability fully intact.

If continuing the soaking process isn’t working, drop some acetone into any tiny gaps between your natural nail and the press-on. Then, try gently lifting the press-on with the cuticle stick.